Stephen E. Strom

Notecards Available

We have a series of high quality blank notecards available. On one series of cards are images appearing in Sonoita Plain: Views from a Southwestern Grassland. They include images of agaves, burned in the Ryan fire (2002) and new growth, area wildflowers and landscape views. These cards are 4.5 by 6 inches with a blank interior and an envelope included, each either individually wrapped or packaged in sets of 4 cards.

We also have cards with images from the Four Corners region, including images from Tsegi: Deep in the Rock, with Laura Tohe, on Canyon de Chelly and Secrets from the Center of the World with Joy Harjo.

Mixed sets containing selections of 4 of these cards are available on our ETSY store.

Agave - New Growth Burned Agave Leaves Burned Agave Forms Agave Forms
Agave Forms Prickle Poppy Flower Mexican Poppy Flower Datura Flower
Mustang Mountains, Elgin, AZ Side Oats Gramma Mustang Mountains, Elgin, AZ View from East Mesa
Canyon Wall Cottonwood on Canyon Floor
Canyon Walls and trees near White House Ruins Looking down Canyon de Chelly from Spider Rock
Mudhills near Nazlini, AZ Overlook south of Bluff, UT